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Fingerprint Jewelry

Starfield Bay's most popular line of jewelry are our fingerprint charms.    Each charm is made from pure  silver and totally unique to you.  Check out our many different styles of charms or create your own design.  See our gallery of other ideas.  Once you have decided on the style you want we will send you our Starfield Bay Casting Kit©.  You will get everything you need to capture your special print.  Send the kit back to us in the postage paid envelope and we will finsh the piece for you.  We can also put a small inscription on the back of the piece.  Contact us if you are interested in a custom design. 


Art Charm

Turn your child's drawing or written name into a charm.  Keep their truly unique art piece with you always or have one made for that someone special.  All pieces are handmade from pure silver and my be inscribed on the back.


Wet Nose Prints and Pet Lovers Charms

We all love our pets.  Why not get a special pure silver pet charm.  We can put an inscription on the back of each charm.

Embellishments and Adornments




Create a unique necklace by adding a gold heart or swarovski crystal birthstone bead



We have silver chains, and charm bracletes available for your Starfield Bay  charms.

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